Freddie’s personal items. Auctions from 2015 Part II

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12 Responses

  1. And Here's the 2nd part! Enjoy & share!

  2. Diego Lucas says:

    Amazing itens, show more soon!

  3. This is fantastic, Ferdy. The crowning of a long collector life 🙂 I can feel the thrill!

  4. fab report and finds! the pin looks like a Star Trek one (???)

  5. Ah Ah, yes Alexander, a space style!!

  6. Wilki Amieva says:

    Beautiful items, Ferdy. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ged says:

    I am so glad i never gave in to all that Adam Lambert crap with Queen, when Freddie is the only master of executing a Queen song!
    No one can sing a Queen song like Freddie and i will never be sucked in to all the hype of Adam Lambert & Queen.
    Lambert is crap, end of.

  8. Thank you Barbara! Indeed great feelings!!

  9. Antonella says:

    Grande Ferdy
    Che gioia sapere che un po’ di Freddie è qui in Italia con noi
    Io sono una signora attempata ma nonostante il tempo passi, non mi stanco mai di ascoltarli, lo faccio quotidianamente, altrimenti ne sento la mancanza.
    Sono, nonostante l’età, contentissima ogni qualvolta ricevo nuove notizie e/o novità come queste.
    un abbraccio

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